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24 Hour Timer Plug-in

£5.42 (ex Vat) - £6.50 (inc Vat)

24 Hour Timer Plug-In suitable for home security & Christmas light control

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24 Hour Timer Plug-In with power indicator light.

Let this slimline 24 Hour plug in Timer do the work. Set it to switch a lamp or appliance, on & off, at the time you require.

Each of the 48 module sets a 30 minute time slot. They are situated around the clearly marked numbers of the 24 hour clock. You can set it to more than one operation during the 24 hours.

Simply choose the time slot you wish to turn on your product & press down the adjacent modules. Plug the 24 Hour Timer into your selected socket and plug your electrical product into the timer plug.

There is an over-ride button on the top. To switch your product on, outside the timer settings, use the over-ride button on the top. When you switch the button back to the circular clock sign, your product will return to your pre-set timer mode. For example, if you have a lamp on the 24 Hour Timer, it enables you to turn it on if it goes dark early. You can easily switch back to timer mode without having to re-set it.

Use a 24 Hour timer Plug-in as a security measure. make your home look occupied with a lamp and a radio. Use it as an energy saving product by only using energy when you need it.

It is also ideal for Christmas and festive lights.

Weight 10 g
Dimensions 102 × 58 × 6 mm

Yes. 240Volt 13 A, Maximum load – 3200W

Timer setting

Minimum of 30 minutes.
Maximum of 48 on/off.
Each module will set a 30 minute slot.


There is an over ride switch on the top
The Clock icon will activate your desired settings on the the 24 Hour Timer
Switch to the "-" setting to over ride the automatic timer setting and switch on your product.
Easily switch back to your timer setting.

Power Indicator Light



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