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20 Warm-White Battery Lights LED for Indoor use

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20 Warm-White Battery Operated LED Lights with clear cable for indoor use.

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20 Warm-White Battery Lights for indoor use.

Introduce some warmth to your decorations this season with these lovely battery operated LED lights.

There are twenty warm white LED lights which create a festive glow.

The cable is clear.

Two AA batteries are required to operate them.

From the first to the last light they measure approximately 1.9m with 0.4m to the battery pack.

Let your imagination go wild and light up your home.


LED advantages are many;-

LED creates far less heat, carbon emissions and uses much less power.

It will last many years therefore our planets resources are not strained to manufacture more than we need.

They are re-cyclable but we won’t need to do so as often, saving resources.

Sustainable, ethical and green, it’s a light bulb which we love.

This is NOT a toy.

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 173 × 46 × 26 mm
Bulb Type



Cable colour

Battery operated

Two AA batteries required

Battery pack to 1st light


1st light to last light

1.9m approximately
Spacing between bulbs is approximately 10cm


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