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LED 5.6Watt GLS Bayonet Cap Opal 240 Volt

£4.49 (ex Vat) - £5.39 (inc Vat)

This branded LED 5.6Watt GLS Household lamp has a Bayonet Cap fitting & is Opal. It offers a relaxing warm white colour, has 470 lumens & is designed to replace the inefficient 40W lightbulb.

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LED 5.6Watt GLS Bayonet Cap Opal 240Volt replacement light bulb.

This branded LED Household bulb has a Bayonet Cap, BC,B22 fitting and a relaxing warm white colour.

It only uses 5.6 Watts of power, is 470 lumens and is designed to replace the inefficient 40W lightbulb.

This efficiency saves up to 85% of energy and creates less heat output, making it an excellent environmentally friendly product. Therefore, it is perfect for your home or office.

An opal finish creates less glare and you have full instant light when it is switched on.

The life span is up to 15,000 hours providing you with less maintenance and more time to enjoy.

LED creates far less heat, carbon emissions and uses much less power.

It will last many years therefore our planets resources are not strained to manufacture more than we need.

They are re-cyclable but we won’t need to do so as often, saving resources. Sustainable, ethical and green, it’s a light bulb which we love.

This product is not dimmable; however, those options and suitable dimmer switches are available.

Weight 51 g
Dimensions 109 × 60 × 60 mm
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