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120Volt 50Watt GY5.3 Halogen Photo Optic Lamp (120V250WGY5.3)

A popular Lamp used in Disco Lighting.


ENH 93506

120Volt, 250Watt, Cap; GY5.3

Halogen Photo Optic Lamp. Suitable for DJ use.

NAED 54986

*Brand may differ.

120Volt, 50Watt, Halogen photo optic lamp, GY5.3

Do not touch inner bulb or reflector with bare hands.

Do not touch bulb while hot.

Unplug equipment before replacing bulb.

The bulb must be used in a fixture that has a suitable protective shield and/or screening technique to protect people and surroundings against the risk of personal injury and/or property damage from the bulb shattering and UV (ultra violet) exposure.

£7.00 exc VAT
(£8.40 inc VAT)

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